Church Address City Post Code Telephone Web
19th Avenue Christian Fellowship 808 E.19th Ave Vancouver V5V 1K5 604-879-5261 Web Site
Basel Hakka Lutheran 2575 Nanaimo St. Vancouver V5N 5E6 Web Site
Bethany Indonesian Church 1806 Hastings St. E. Vancouver V5L 1T2 604-215-1617
Bethel International 739 East 33rd Ave. Vancouver V5V 3A1 604-872-5335
Blessings Evangelical 3075 East 56 Ave. Vancouver V5S 2A2 604-433-1181
Broadway Church 2700 E Broadway Vancouver V5M 1Y8 604-253-2700 Web Site
Cascade Gospel Church 3833 Boundary Rd. Vancouver 604-437-8924 Web Site
Central Presbyterian Church 1155 Thurlow St. Vancouver V6E 1X2 Web Site
Chinese Tabernacle Baptist 804 14 Ave. E. Vancouver 604-872-8756 Web Site
Christ Church Of China 300 Pender St. E. Vancouver 604-254-4219 Web Site
Christian Apostolic Church 6025 St George St. Vancouver 604-327-3414
Cityview Baptist Church 4370 Sophia St. Vancouver V5V 3V7 604-876-6752 Web Site
Coastal Church 1160 West Georgia St. Vancouver V6E 3H7 Web Site
Collingwood Baptist Church 4847 Joyce St. Vancouver 604-433-5616 Web Site
Cornerstone Community 1305 70 Ave. W. Vancouver V6P 4M6 604-842-7723 Web Site
Dunbar Heights Regular Baptist 3996 17 Ave. W. Vancouver 604-224-1031
Ebenezer Baptist Church 6858 Fraser St. Vancouver V5X 3V1 604-324-7674 Web Site
Fairview Baptist Church 1708 West 16th Ave. Vancouver V6J 2M1 604-731-3211 Web Site
Faith Fellowship Baptist 2551 East 49th Ave. Vancouver V5S 1J6 604-321-6134 Web Site
Finnish Bethel Church 1920 Argyle Dr. Vancouver V5P 2A8 604-325-5414 Web Site
First Nations Foursquare Street Church 175 East Hastings St. Vancouver V6A 4A7 604-561-9562 Web Site
Franklin Chinese Gospel Chapel 690 Slocan St. N. Vancouver V5K 3M 604-255-8292
Fraser Land Church 3330 S.E. Marine Dr. Vancouver V5S 4R8 604-451-5449 Web Site
Glad Tidings Church 3456 Fraser St. Vancouver V5V 4C4 604-873-3621 Web Site
Global Community Church 305 41st Ave. W. Vancouver V5Y 2S5 604-876-8525 Web Site
Good Shepherds Anglican W 11th Ave. Vancouver V5Y 1S8 604-872-1884
Grace International Baptist 7650 Jasper Cres Vancouver 604-321-3525 Web Site
Grace Vancouver Presbyterian Church 1696 7th Ave. W. Vancouver V6J 1S5 604-738-3537 Web Site
Grandview Calvary Baptist 1696 7th Ave. W. Vancouver 604-738-3537 Web Site
Harvest City Church 7416 Victoria Dr. Vancouver V5P 3Z3 604-325-8291 Web Site
Heather Bible Chapel 777 68 Ave. W. Vancouver 604-321-7446 Web Site
Hope Reformed Church 900 19 Ave. E. Vancouver 604-879-7947 Web Site
Immanuel Baptist Church 109 East 40th Ave. Vancouver V5W 1L6 604-327-4010 Web Site
Jesus Is Lord Church 5550 Fraser St. Vancouver 778-395-3950 Web Site
Joy Fellowship 3036 Georgia St. E. Vancouver V5K 2K7 778-887-5693 Web Site
Killarney Park MB Church 6426 Kerr St. Vancouver V5S 3C1 604-435-7455 Web Site
Kitsilano Christian Community 1708 16th Ave. W. Vancouver V6J 2M1 604-737-0169 Web Site
Knight Road Gospel Chapel 4195 Knight St. Vancouver V5N 3M1 604-879-5911
Korean Baptist Church Of Vancouver 4798 Gladstone St. Vancouver V5N 5A5 604-438-7833
Korean Foursquare Church 431 Princess Ave. Vancouver V6A 3C9 604-437-5469 Web Site
Life Centre Community 3665 Kingsway Vancouver 604-433-3710
Lord's Grace Church 2396 W 8th Ave. Vancouver V6K 2A9 604-732-1835 Web Site
Marpole Baptist Church 8010 Osler St. Vancouver 604-261-9141
Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church 505 E 46th Ave. Vancouver V5W 2A2 604-325-0550 Web Site
New Beginnings Fellowship Baptist Church 1587 Frances St. Vancouver V5L 1Z2 604-873-2100 Web Site
Oakridge Baptist Church 6261 Cambie St. Vancouver V5Z 3B2 604-327-3500 Web Site
Oakridge Church Of Christ 6970 Oak St. Vancouver 604-266-4626 Web Site
Pacific Grace MB Church 2855 East 1 st Ave. Vancouver V5M 1A9 604-255-6199 Web Site
Peace Baptist Church 6064 Rupert St. Vancouver V5S 3A2 604-437-8362
Pentecostal Tabernacle 1531 15 Ave. W. Vancouver 604-732-4470
Pilgrim Baptist Church 6075 Inverness St. Vancouver 604-327-4545 Web Site
Salvation Army Southmount Citadel 3403 E. 49th Ave. Vancouver V5S 1M1 604-438-5328
Sherbrooke Mennonite 7155 Sherbrooke St. Vancouver 604-327-3913 Web Site
South Hill MB Church 5887 Prince Edward St. Vancouver V5W 2X8 604-325-3313 Web Site
Standard Church 3101 22 Ave. E. Vancouver 604-437-9017 Web Site
Tenth Church 11 W 10th Ave. Vancouver V5Y 1R5 604-876-2181 Web Site
The King's Way Church 4259 Fraser St. Vancouver V5V 4G1 604-708-1142 Web Site
The Salvation Army 119 East Cordova St. Vancouver V6A 1K8 604-646-6800 Web Site
Trinity Baptist Church 1460 49 Ave W. Vancouver 604-266-6238 Web Site
Trinity Central 1181 Seymour St. Vancouver V6B 2E8 604-379-3848 Web Site
True Jesus Church 4580 Gothard St. Vancouver 604-434-8825
Vancouver Chinese Alliance 3330 Knight St. Vancouver V5N 3K8 604-874-7612 Web Site
Vancouver Chinese Baptist Church 7474 Culloden St. Vancouver V5X 4K2 604-325-6314 Web Site
Vancouver Chinese Mennonite Church 375 Pender St. E. Vancouver 604-688-0877 Web Site
Vancouver Christian Assembly 6990 Fraser St. Vancouver 604-322-1772 Web Site
Vancouver First Church Of The Nazarene 998 19 Ave. E. Vancouver 604-874-2022 Web Site
Ward Memorial Baptist 465 Kamloops St. Vancouver 604-255-3949
West Coast Christian Fellowship 3198 Georgia St. E. Vancouver V5K 2L1 604-255-7301 Web Site
West Point Grey Baptist 4509 11 Ave. W. Vancouver 604-228-9747 Web Site
Westside Baptist Church 8506 Ash St Vancouver V6P 3M2 604-266-5602 Web Site


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