Church Address City Post Code Telephone Web
All Saints Anglican Church 7405 Royal Oak Ave. Burnaby 604-433-0815 Web Site
Armstrong Avenue Baptist Church 8585 Armstrong Ave. Burnaby V3V 2H4 604-525-8058
Believer's Fellowship Baptist Church 7227 Kingsway Burnaby V5E 1G5 604-523-1331
Brentwood Park Alliance Church 1410 South Delta Ave. Burnaby V5B 3G2 604-291-1635 Web Site
Brentwood Park Presbyterian Church 1600 South Delta Ave. Burnaby V5B 3G2 604-291-7017
Burnaby Chinese Alliance Church 8611 Armstrong Ave Burnaby V3N 2H4 604-524-3336 Web Site
Burnaby Christian Pentecostal Church 5209 East Hastings St. Burnaby V5B 1P9 604-291-0104 Web Site
Burnaby Christian Reformed Church 5825 Nelson Ave. Burnaby V5H 3H6 604-435-4123
Canada Central Methodist Church C/o 9887 Cameron St. Burnaby V5J 1M3 604-524-8390
Carrefour Chretien Evangelique 5855 Imperial St. Burnaby V5J 1G4 604-464-2086
Central Christian Assembly 5855 Imperial St Burnaby V5J 1G4 604.433.2324 Web Site
Christ the King & St. Nicholas Anglican Church 3883 Triumph St Burnaby V5C 1Y6 604-299-6816 Web Site
Church of God of Prophecy 7138 - 11th Ave Burnaby V3N 2M4 604-540-7294
Church on the Way 7895 Canada Way Burnaby V3N 3K8 604-524-4464 Web Site
Desert Streams Life Church Meet at Willingdon Heights United Ch.
4354 Charles St.
Burnaby V5C 3L2 604-298-2344
Emmanuel Christian Assembly 5855 Imperial Ave. Burnaby V5J 1G4 604-433-2324
Emmaus Lutheran Church 6344 Sperling Ave Burnaby V5E 2V2 604-521-7927
Full Gospel Assembly 140 Esmond Ave. Burnaby V5C 4J3 604-298-6445
Gordon Presbyterian Church 7457 Edmonds St. Burnaby V3N 1B3 604-521-4242
Gospel Tabernacle 4990 Canada Way Burnaby V5G 1M4 604-229-0576 Web Site
House of the Good Shepherd Ministries 7670 - 6th St. Burnaby V3N 3M7 604-515-2723 Web Site
Kingsway Foursquare Filipino Fellowship 4061 Kingsway Burnaby V5H 1Z1 604-437-3748
Korean Bethel Baptist Church 8585 Armstrong Ave. Burnaby V3V 2H4 604-572-3948
Living Hope Fellowship 7175 Royal Oak Ave. Burnaby V5J 4J3 604-434-7271
Maranatha Indonesian Mb Church 4812 Willingdon Ave. Burnaby V5G 3H6 604-435-5544
New Life Community Church 8765 Government St. Burnaby V3N 4G9 604-420-0761
New Westminster Evangelical Free Church 7895 Canada Way Burnaby V3N 3K8 604-521-2217
Open Door Japanese Pentecostal 1407-6555 Bonsor Ave. Burnaby V5H 3E9 604-436-0775
Parkcrest Gospel Chapel 6641 Halifax St. Burnaby V5B 2P9 604-299-7913
Royal Oak Community Church 7175 Royal Oak Ave. Burnaby V5J 4J3 604-433-2822
Royal View Church of the Nazarene 8098 - 11th Ave. Burnaby V3N 2N7 604-526-0512 Web Site
Salvation Army (The) 7195 Cariboo Rd. Burnaby 604-525-7311 Web Site
Salvation Army (The) 6125 Nelson Ave. Burnaby 604-437-1521 Web Site
Southside Community Church 7135 Walker Ave. Burnaby 604-526-0244 Web Site
Southside Community Church 8525 Forrest Drive Grove Burnaby 604-588-2316 Web Site
Tenth Avenue Bible Chapel 7103-10th Ave Burnaby 604-524-5445 Web Site
Westminster Bible Chapel 7540 - 6th St. Burnaby 604-522-9311 Web Site


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