Burns Bog Conservation Society
Saving Canada's wetlands for future generations

Burns Bog is situated on the delta of the Fraser River, and is the only remaining bog of its kind.

We like to call Burns Bog “the lungs of the Lower Mainland” due to its role in maintaining air quality throughout the region. The Bog does a lot for us.

  • It regulates the climate.
  • It captures CO2 from the atmosphere and stores it in peat.
  • It filters rainwater and prevents flooding.
  • It provides habitat to numerous species at risk (including the Sandhill Crane and Pacific Water Shrew),
  • It is a key rearing ground for Fraser River salmon, including sockeye, pink and chum.

Without the bog, the Lower Mainland would be a very different place. Help steward Burns Bog.

Tel: 604-572-0373
Email: info@burnsbog.org
Website: www.burnsbog.org



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