Henry Schorr - Thoughts On Faithfulness

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There are a number of virtues we hold high in our society, but one of the greatest is ‘faithfulness’. In a recent addition of McLean’s magazine, the editors point out that according to research, ‘staying faithful to one’s marriage partner is a chief expectation not only of our leaders but of each other and that nothing is more damaging to our reputation than being unfaithful to your spouse‘.

The question is: “In a culture where sexual freedom is increasingly celebrated and where there is growing intolerance for Biblical values and morality, why do most people have no tolerance for marital unfaithfulness?”

We find the answer in the Scriptures. Genesis 1:27 says we are all made in the ‘image of God’, and one of the greatest character traits is His absolute faithfulness. Psalm 145:13 says, “The Lord is faithful to all His promises….” Psalm 33:4 says “He is faithful in all He does.” Since we are made in God’s image, we intuitively know what it means to be faithful. That explains why people who don’t even believe in God will not tolerate those who are unfaithful to their spouse.

Henry Schorr, Senior Pastor, at Centre Street Church, Calgary.




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