Henry Schorr - Jonah, Nahum and Zephaniah

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In his book, “Taking God Seriously,” Stuart Briscoe describes how a young man was caught by the police for car theft. He was brought before a judge who recognized that if he was sentenced to jail the likelihood of him becoming a professional thief, after being in the company of hardened criminals, was great. The judge also knew that the young man needed to be held responsible for his actions. In a decision that showed toughness laced with tenderness, the boy was sent to a ski camp where he was made to learn the sport of downhill skiing. That young man was Bill Johnson who became the gold medal winner in Alpine Skiing at the 1984 Olympics.

Our heavenly Father’s love is like that. There is a tenderness in His character. He is loving and gracious, but He is also holy and just. We saw in the book of Jonah a clear expression of the love and grace of God and that makes us feel great. The two books we will look at this coming weekend, Nahum and Zephaniah, more than any other of the Minor Prophets teach us about God’s holiness and justice. We love to hear about how loving and gracious God is, but we don’t have much appetite for the His holiness and justice.

Dr. Larry Crabb serious wonders about this when he says to God, “You didn’t like it at all when Jonah wanted to see Nineveh destroyed. But now through Nahum You announce Your plan to destroy Nineveh and You tell Your people to celebrate the news that Nineveh would be wiped out.” This is tough to understand!

Henry Schorr, Senior Pastor, at Centre Street Church, Calgary.




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