One Sunday morning in Copenhagen, Corrie ten Boom, a delightful author and speaker of eighty, spoke from Romans 12:1-2, urging her audience to present their bodies to Christ as a living sacrifice.

After church two young nurses invited her to their apartment for lunch, and Corrie went with them - only to discover they lived on the tenth floor, and there was no elevator.

She didn't think she could mount the stairs, but as the nurses were so eager for her visit, she decided to try. By the fifth floor, Corrie's heart was pounding, her breath coming in gulps, her legs buckling. She collapsed in a chair on the landing thinking she could go no further, and she complained bitterly to the Lord. Looking upward, the stairs seemed to ascend to infinity, and Corrie began to wonder if she might die en route. "Perhaps I am leaving earth to go to heaven," she thought.

But the Lord seemed to whisper that a special blessing awaited her on the tenth floor, so she bravely pressed on. She had one nurse in front of her and another following, behind.

Finally she reached the apartment. Corrie found there the parents of the girls. She soon discovered, after a short chat with them, that neither parent was a born again, Christian. Both listen carefully to what she shared with them. They seemed eager to hear the good news of the gospel. Opening her Bible, Corrie carefully explained the plan of salvation. "I have traveled in more than sixty countries and have never found anyone who said they were sorry they had given their hearts to Jesus," she said. "You will not be sorry, either." Romans chapter 10 and verse 9, Ephesians 2,verses 8 and 8 and also the famous verse, John chapter 3 and verse 16 were read to the parents of these two nurses.

That day both prayed for Christ to enter their lives. On her way down the steps, Corrie said, "Thank you, Lord, for making me walk up all these steps. But, next time. Lord, help Corrie ten Boom to listen to her own sermon about being willing to go anywhere when you tell me to go - even up ten flights of stairs."

J. David Smith.



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